Good Practice Guide: embedding inclusion of older people and people with disabilities in humanitarian policy and practice

Akerkar, S and Bhardwaj, R
Publication language
Date published
03 May 2018
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Capacity development, Disability, Older people
Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP), Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP), Oxford Brookes University

The good practice guide is an outcome of the research conducted by Oxford Brookes University over three years (2014-2017) evaluating the practices of six humanitarian organisations (Red Cross, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Help Age International, Concern Worldwide, CBM International, Christian Aid International) to make their humanitarian practices inclusive of older people and people with disabilities, as a part of Age and Disability Capacity Programme (ADCAP). The Good practice Guide has identified nine change themes that organisations can embed to make their organisations inclusive. Humanitarian actors can use the collection of practical examples and approaches identified in Good Practice Guide, for purposes such as when:

  • designing new inclusive programmes; 
  • adapting current programmes to make them inclusive; 
  • adjusting organisational frameworks and programming tools to make them inclusive; 
  • undertaking systematic reviews of organisational policies and practices from inclusion perspective;
  • reviewing and developing staff competencies on inclusion
  • developing staff training tools on inclusion based on good practice examples.