Global Forum Summary Paper Arabic translation

Knox Clarke, P. and Obrecht, A
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28 Jul 2015
Research, reports and studies
Global Forum

The Global Forum for Improving Humanitarian Action, held in New York on 4-5 June 2015, sought to explore these issues and bring greater clarity and progression to thinking around context and its impact on humanitarian action.
Specifically, the aim of the Global Forum was to:

  • Produce a set of quality recommendations to improve humanitarian action in a variety of different response contexts; and
  • Identify propositions to make the international humanitarian system more adaptable, in order to support more effective humanitarian action across different response contexts.

This report provides the key findings from the Global Forum.

The Global Forum was an official consultation for the WHS. As such, it drew on recommendations made through previous WHS regional consultations as well as the work of the WHS Thematic Teams. The Forum was in part dedicated to further distilling and prioritising these recommendations. The results of the Forum will be shared with the WHS organisers for incorporation in its final report to the UN Secretary-General.