Fiscal Justice Global Track Record: Oxfam’s tax, budget and social accountability work

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Date published
20 Sep 2016
Research, reports and studies
Accountability and Participation, Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Cash-based transfers (CBT), National & regional actors, Government, Protection, human rights & security

For Oxfam, fiscal justice is about people having the space, voice and agency to exercise their rights – and through this to influence and monitor fiscal systems to mobilize greater revenue and increase spending for quality public services. Fiscal justice is a critical lever to tackle extreme inequality and reduce poverty. It is about more than technical tax or budget systems; it is about power, politics and supporting people to fight inequality.

This report is a track record of Oxfam’s and its partners’ experiences of working on fiscal justice. It draws on interviews and case studies to describe Oxfam’s programme of support for fiscal justice projects and campaigns. The report describes approaches, impact and key lessons from each country case study.