Fast-Track Assessment of the EU Initial Response to the COVID-19 Crisis in Partner Countries and Regions (2020)

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01 Jan 2022

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU committed to help its partner countries deal with the immediate effects of the pandemic during 2020, the first year of the crisis. The EU and its Member States envisioned a cooperative, joint approach for this initiative, called “Team Europe”. This fast track assessment is a stocktaking, lesson-learning and forward-looking exercise examining this initial EU response to the COVID-19 crisis (the “EU COVID-19 response”), and the added value of the Team Europe approach. It examines the support the EU provided to 15 countries and two regions in different parts of the world. These countries and regions represent a varied set of circumstances, both in relation to their pre-COVID-19 socio-economic and political situation and with regard to their COVID-19 related challenges and national responses