Evaluation of the Performance-Based Initiative in Bangassou, Central African Republic

Stockholm Evaluation Unit
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01 Oct 2023
Stockholm Evaluation Unit
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Conflict, violence & peace, Humanitarian Principles

MSF OCB supported the implementation of a performance-based incentive system (PBI) at Bangassou Hospital, starting in 2022. By implementing the performance audits and incentive system, MSF OCB and the Health Ministry (MSP) hoped to improve the motivation of hospital employees (under MSP and ConGes [Management Council] contracts) to deliver quality work, among other objectives. 

This evaluation, supported and managed by the SEU, had three main objectives :

-Document how the performance-based incentive system was designed and implemented at Bangassou Hospital.

-Identify whether the main objectives of the performance-based incentive system have been achieved.

-Determine what worked and where further improvement is needed.

Note from the translator: in theory, the ConGes or Management Council should consist of a committee, some of whose members are appointed by the Ministry of Health and others who are elected by the community. In the decentralized logic of the Central African health system, the ConGes is a semi-autonomous entity that has the prerogative to manage the hospital with the local community.