Evaluation of SDC Humanitarian Aid: Emergency Relief

de Ville de Goyet, C., Scheuermann, P., Reed, S.B., Al Wehaidy, R. and Thermil, A.
Publication language
Date published
01 Jun 2011
Evaluation reports
Conflict, violence & peace, Response and recovery, Urban
Haiti, Occupied Palestinian Territory

SDC assessed SDC’s response in crisis situations. The evaluation considered the Emergency Relief (Immediate Response, Survival Assistance and Early Recovery) and covered the different results of bilateral and multilateral projects, programmes, contributions financed or co-financed by SDC’s funds.

The main purpose of this evaluation was to investigate some specific processes and results, learn lessons, improve policy and practice and enhance accountability, concerning the Emergency Relief.

The evaluation analysed the SDC Emergency Relief programmes/projects/contributions in:

  • humanitarian aid (HA) crisis situations representative of SDC HA responses to natural disasters (Haiti and Sumatra), and 
  • HA crisis situations representative of SDC HA responses to conflicts (Gaza and Sudan).