Essentials for Excellence; Researching, Monitoring and Evaluating Strategic Communication for Behaviour and social Change; with Special Reference to the Prevention and Control of Avian Influenza/Pandemic Influenza

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Date published
01 Jan 2008
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Comms, media & information, Disasters, Epidemics & pandemics, Health

The guide is aimed at users who want straightforward answers to often quite complex questions (including sampling, research design and pre-testing) who need handy tips, and who are looking for practical rather than academic advice. To be of any use, the guide is highly dependent upon your ability and willingness to adapt the suggestions offered to suit your circumstances and needs.
This is also a useful basic reference for researching, monitoring and evaluating other Strategic Communication initiatives whether you are conducting an initial assessment for a child protection communication programme or a final evaluation of a hygiene promotion project.