Effectiveness of the locally led development models

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Date published
01 Oct 2023
Impact evaluation
Accountability and Participation, Local capacity, Children & youth, Food security

The USAID Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Activity (MEL Activity) in cooperation with USAID and the Local Works Implementing Partners (LW IPs) in North Macedonia conducted the Thematic Evaluation 1: Effectiveness of the Locally Led Development Models”, The data collection process was completed beginning of September 2023 whereas the validation of findings and completing the report end of October 2023. The evaluation included the locally led development models and local initiatives current and those already completed within the Social Impact Investment in Communities (SIIC) implemented by ALBIZ Foundation, Together for Prosperous Community (TPC) implemented by Romalitico, the Community Development Program (CDP) implemented by Rural Development Network and the youth banks model from the Make A Difference (MAD) implemented by the Local Community Development Foundation (LCDF).

The evaluation addressed the following key evaluation questions to assess the effectiveness:

1. What are the specifics and elements of the locally led development models implemented by LW IPs?

2. What contextual factors contribute to greater effectiveness of the locally led development models?

3. How the established support structures (such as local facilitators, Local Action Groups and other local bodies) influence the effectiveness of the locally led development models?

4. What are the good practices implemented in different communities and the success factors that influence these practices?