Crowd Management in India

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Date published
15 Jul 2017
All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Urban, Urban design/planning
India, Nepal

This issue of is titled 'Crowd Management in India' and focuses on the important theme of controlling and managing crowds at mass gatherings in India. It discusses important issues related with crowd management ranging from what causes stampedes and what can be done to prevent them. Behavioral factors like the high tolerance for crowded spaces among Indians leading to higher cases of stampedes have also been discussed in the issue. Stamped shave been a recurring phenomenon in India. Tragedies of people being trampled to death have taken place at religious gatherings, mass processions, election rallies and even at music concerts. This issue tries to build a new narrative around stampedes attributing them to systemic gaps in the country's crowd management capacities and suggest ways of bridging this gap.

This issue's contents includes:

  1. Understanding Crowds;
  2. BSDMA and Crowd Management;
  3. Crowd sourced Potential for Disaster;
  4. Planning and Recovery in Nepal: Key Local Concepts;
  5. Drought Policy in India: An Alternative Paradigm;
  6. Maha Kumbh Allahabad – Lesson and Learning for India;
  7. Crowd Management in Dahod District, Gujarat;
  8. Bhadrapadi Fair in Ambaji 
  9. The Necessity of Crowd Management at Religious Places.