Country-based pooled funds for humanitarian financing

Carter, B.
Publication language
Date published
01 Nov 2018
Rapid Learning Review
Development & humanitarian aid, Funding and donors
Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Country-based pooled funds (CBPFs) are mechanisms used to receive contributions from multiple financial donors and allocate unearmarked resources to multiple implementing entities within a country.

This rapid review provides a brief overview of the evidence on the effectiveness of CBPFs for humanitarian response, and recommendations of good practice. The review has looked for evidence on all humanitarian CBPFs, which are managed by a range of organisations. This review has focused on country-level funds that are set up to support humanitarian work. Although not covered by this review, there may be relevant learning from 1) other county-based funds focused on non-humanitarian development objectives, and 2) global humanitarian pooled funds. 5 The review also highlights briefly findings on other types of country-based funds – funds that are accessible to multiple organisations, but with financing from only one donor.