Child Rights in the Global Compacts: Recommendations for Protecting, Promoting and Implementing the Human Rights of Children on the Move in the Proposed Global Compacts

Bhabha, J. & Dottridge, M.
Publication language
Date published
24 Jun 2017
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Children & youth, Protection, human rights & security, Forced displacement and migration
Terre Des Hommes

The working document “Child Rights in the Global Compacts: Recommendations for protecting, promoting and implementing the human rights of children on the move in the proposed Global Compacts” lays out goals, targets and indicators through which key commitments to child rights outlined in the New York Declaration can be transformed in actions for both Global Compacts.

The working document is a product of the Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts, co-convened by Save the Children and Terre des Hommes, a multilateral initiative supported by a Steering Committee – made up of 26 organisations – which aims to achieve the global respect for the rights of all children, whether nationals or non-nationals. While preparing the document the authors had a wide range of inputs thanks to regular consultations with experts and organisations, two webinars, one virtual meeting of experts and the Global Conference on Children on the Move.

The two Global Compacts are to be agreed upon by government representatives at the UN in 2018. This is why the Initiative on Child Rights in the Global Compacts has developed the Working Document: to put forward goals, targets and indicators to make sure a common global approach to protecting children on the move is reflected. The working document adopts the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) framework as a suggested model to monitor progress towards the achievement of goals concerning refugee and migrant children.