BEHIND THE SCENES: Developing the Framework for Greening Humanitarian Action in the Pacific

Saxby, A., Quinn, S., McCommon, J., Nesi, M., Haruhiru, A., & lese, V.
Publication language
Date published
20 Dec 2023
Humanitarian Advisory Group
Research, reports and studies
Environment & climate, humanitarian action, Humanitarian Principles

This report provides the rationale and context for the development of a Framework for Greening Humanitarian Action in the Pacific. It summarises outcomes from a stakeholder workshop with Pacific-based actors designed to better understand whether, why, and how a framework to drive environmentally responsible or ‘green’ humanitarian action would be useful and beneficial to the region.

The report presents evidence and ideas gathered through the workshop and other related research, providing stakeholders with a clear sense of purpose and direction for a common approach to ‘greening’ humanitarian action in the Pacific.