Area-Based Livelihoods Assessment East Amman

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Date published
01 Jun 2017
DANIDA International Development Cooperation
Research, reports and studies
Livelihoods, Forced displacement and migration, Urban
Jordan, Syria

This study was designed to test the assumption that mobility in terms of physical access to transport services is the key determining factor in accessing livelihoods opportunities for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Moreover, it sought to understand the extent to which other environmental, individual and opportunity related factors impact economic mobility, such as nationality, legal status, age, gender, and skill sets or experience. To this end, the term ‘mobility’ is taken to refer to two key areas; physical mobility – that is the willingness and ability of individuals to travel to sites of work – and also mobility within the labour market itself, in terms of individuals’ skills and abilities allowing them to move between jobs. Complex and overlapping mobility challenges can impact individuals in diverse and difficult to predict ways, therefore a nuanced and multifaceted definition of mobility is required not only to allow an assessment to fully engage with the topic, but also to facilitate an adequate response by service providers.