Amman Resilience Strategy - Arabic Version

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Date published
01 May 2017
100 Resilient Cities
Plans, policy and strategy
Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Urban

This strategy sets out the vision for a resilient Amman and the pillars, goals and actions that will help us achieve it. During Phase I of the strategy development process, we aimed to understand the present resilience status of the city, through assessments of our shocks, stresses, and potential scenarios affecting our city assets, and most importantly through engagement with the city’s stakeholders, including Greater Amman Municipality departments, private-sector, NGOs, universities, youth organizations and more. At the end of Phase I, we identified discovery areas or themes that we need to address to build the city’s resilience.

In Phase II, we delved more deeply into the discovery areas and undertook a number of diagnostic activities to understand the resilience challenges, which resulted in identification of a number of opportunities, specific priorities and initiatives which will help us improve the resilience of the city. We prioritized these opportunities using the Resilience Lens tool, and with close collaboration with our stakeholders. From this we produced a shortlist of opportunities that have resilience value and implementation potential. This strategy includes the actions identified in this process.