2022 State of the Humanitarian System Report: Reflections for Utilisation

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18 Sep 2023
Local capacity, Disaster preparedness, Humanitarian Access, humanitarian action

Southasiadisasters.net issue no. 207, September 2023

Since the launch of the 2022 State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) report in Nairobi a year ago, ALNAP has delivered over 50 launches and tailored briefings across the world, including two launches in South Asia. These varied discussions with different actors across the humanitarian system – including local and national civil society organisations and NGOs, governments, INGOs, UN agencies, donors and academics – have provided valuable opportunities for exploring its findings and implications for different actors. This special issue of Southasiadisasters.net on ‘2022 State of the Humanitarian System Report: Reflections for Utilisation’ captures some of these discussions and grounds the findings of the global report in a range of contexts.

This issue’s contents include: 
(1) Grounding the Global Findings, (2) The State of the Humanitarian System 2022 launch in Delhi: Reflections from India, (3) State of the Humanitarian System Report 2022 Launched in Asia Pacific, (4) State of the Humanitarian System Report 2022 Launched in Odisha, India, (5) Concerns Over Humanitarian Funding Gap and Advocate for Localisation of Aid: 2022 SOHS Report Launched in Dhaka, (6) Reflection on the SOHS Report from the Indian Perspective, (7) Opinion on Practices Global Humanitarian Utilization of SOHS Report in Bangladesh, (8) Resilience and Early Warning in Bangladesh, (9) Use and Usefulness of SOHS to Local Organisations in Sri Lanka, (10) From Evidence to Action: Using the SOHS 2022 Report to Evaluate and Improve Humanitarian Performance, (11) The 2022 State of The Humanitarian System: Locally-led Actions, (12) Imagining a Future: The Things to Come, (13) A View from Congo, (14) Localisation: Putting Commitment into Practice, and (15) How Humanitarian Studies Students Can Use SOHS Report for Research and Beyond.

Some of the best thinkers, researchers, experts, and activists, including Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Dr. Jennifer Doherty, ALNAP, UK; Sudhanshu S. Singh, Humanitarian Aid International, New Delhi, India; Masuda Farouk Ratna, Gram Bikash Shohayak Shangstha (GBSS), Dhaka, Bangladesh; Rafiqul Islam Khokan, Rupantar, Bangladesh; Ayodhya Krishani Amarajeewa, Janathakshan GTE Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka; Palwashay Arbab, CWSA, Karachi, Pakistan; Regina S. Antequisa, Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits (ECOWEB), Philippines; Hanna A Ruszczyk, Durham University, UK; Delu LUSAMBYA, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Miro Modrusan, INTERSOS, Geneva, Switzerland; and Michael Barnett, George Washington University, U.S.A.

Theme: Humanitarian Action, SHS India, SOHS 2022, Utilisation, Localisation, Evaluation