2021 ALNAP Meeting | Why isn't the system changing?

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21 Oct 2021
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This is a recording of the 2021 ALNAP Meeting session 'Why isn’t the system changing?'.

Amidst ongoing reporting of cases of sexual abuse and exploitation by aid workers, the session focuses on some of the following questions: What it will take to break a cycle of SEA, reporting challenges and data sharing issues among aid agencies? What can aid groups do to be more transparent about the extent of the problem in order to more effectively address it? The session aimed to identify practical steps that actors within the humanitarian space can take to increase transparency and justice for survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Moderator: Alice Obrecht, ALNAP


  • Paisley Dodds, The New Humanitarian
  • Wendy Cue, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
  • Mary Wheat, Mercy Corps

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