Community Engagement in Humanitarian and Development Action: Barriers, Enablers and Good Practice

Parker, E., Maynard, V., Gordon, M.
Publication language
Date published
22 Jun 2023
Research, reports and studies
Accountability and Participation, Participation, Engaging with affected populations

Community engagement - whilst long part of the dialogue of development programmes - has become an increasing priority within the humanitarian sector. In recent years, critical initiatives such as the 2014 Core Humanitarian Standards and the 2016 ‘participation revolution’ outlined in the World Humanitarian Summit’s Grand Bargain have sought to better embed community engagement. However, despite these efforts, limited progress has been made.
Action Against Hunger has commissioned this paper to identify the barriers and enablers to community engagement and highlight examples of good practice. This paper is the first stage of a research project that will inform their future global community engagement policy and practice. Action Against Hunger welcome wider sector engagement, if you are interested in collaborating or learning more, please reach out to [email protected].