The role of CSOs in response to Covid-19

15 Jul 2020
10:00 - 11:00, GMT+1 – BST


Governments and international actors gathering online for this year's High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) are discussing ways to accelerate action to achieve the SDGs.

During this webinar local actors will share insights from their Covid-19 response activities in India and also the challenges they faced. We will look at how local leadership can be recognised by national governments and the international community, and we will discuss how risk reduction can benefit from a stronger involvement of local actors.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on the role local actors play in advancing community development and strengthening resilience. In India, when many parts of the country were shut down, most relief efforts to people in need came from local actors. CSOs quickly moved to highways, bus stations and railway stations to provide food and water for migrant workers impacted by the strict lockdown.

Local actors played an essential role in containing the pandemic and improving the efficiency of the response – because they had the capacity to coordinate and act swiftly.

Working at the frontline has taught local actors valuable lessons that need to inform decision-making for future development and resilience building.


  • Mr. Sandeep Chachra, ActionAid Association (India)
  • Ms. Quazi Baby, Participatory Development Action Program
  • Dr. Manu Gupta, SEEDS India
  • Ms. Valeria Drigo, GNDR
  • Mr. Bijay Kumar, GNDR