Joint advocacy at country level

5 March 2015
11:30 - 13:00, GMT +1

The panel on joint advocacy efforts at country level looked at the diversity of approaches presented in four different contexts, and explored the commonalities in challenges, key issues, strategies and actions implemented by the range of stakeholders involved.

With examples from countries as diverse as Palestine, Pakistan, Nepal and others, the panel briefly presented their cases with a particular accent on the collaborative and coordinated nature of the advocacy work. Addressing a variety of angles, from planning, decision making, affected community involvement and its role, this panel promoted an active debate and exchange among panellist and participants about the key challenges and successes of joint advocacy at country level.


  • Vivien Walden
    Global Humanitarian MEL Adviser, Oxfam GB


  • Sikander Brohi
    Executive Director, Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI)
  • Shaheen Chugtai
    Deputy Head of Humanitarian Policy and Campaigns, Oxfam GB
  • Ritva Lahti
    Country Representative – Nepal, IFRC
  • Hamed Qawasmeh
    Human Rights Officer, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)